The Talon




Height 19.5 inches
Width 12 inches
Depth 6 inches
Weight 21 pounds
Max camera weight
(full performance)
35 pounds
Pan speed 1.0 sec for 210 degrees
Tilt speed 1.0 sec for 210 degrees
Mechanical travel unlimited rotation each axis



Standard Features:

Joystick control for Pan, Tilt and Zoom; knob control for Focus
Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions
Record and playback more than 1 hour in up to 2000 takes
Share recorded data with laptop: streaming and upload/download
Programmable maximum speeds for each motor
Programmable smoothing for each motor
Precise homing via operator command
Up to 2500 feet between controller and head
Programmable motion limits
Servo tuning from remote console
Fujinon, Canon and Preston serial and analog lens control
Camera synchronization
Intervalometer operation - stretch any move in time
Extremely rigid with precise smooth motion for long lenses


Optional Features:

Direct connection from head to KuperNode for motion control and virtual set applications
Full function remote control for motion controlled operation
Remote joystick, wheels box or pan bar control
Custom lens control interfaces
Kuper Node compatible
Virtual set interface


Standard package includes:

Two axis Talon remote head
Talon "Jibstick" with controls for pan, tilt, zoom and focus
Remote head power cable - 25 ft.
Control cable - 50 ft.
Laptop interface cable - 12 ft.

Please contact us for attractive pricing starting at under $13,000 US for a standard package.
or,, Talon with Full Function remote controller at under $17,000