Jeff H. Platt

Senior Software Design Engineer


Jeff Platt has twenty years of development experience with embedded real-time systems.
He has extensive experience building analog and digital control systems for special visual effects applications.
He specializes in designing software operating systems for real-time controllers.

Jeff has written multiple complete motion control software packages.
Starting in special visual effects at Boss Film Studios in 1987, he designed software for most of their optical printers,
along with multiple camera / camera head controllers, and visual effects tools. He was head of the electronics department until 1997.

At Warner Brothers (Warner Digital Studios), he oversaw the integration of the analog(film) and digital(effects) operations at the studio, and developed among other things a 6 axis inertial navigation system.

In 2001 - 2003, Jeff wrote the software sound engine for the Alesis Andromeda synthesizer, which is still gathering great reviews all over the world.

Jeff has been working with Alvah Miller for the last few years, designing software for custom embedded systems.


PATENT (Comet's Tail)

                                    Moving lights simulator
                                                U.S. patent #6,013,987 (awarded 1/11/2000)



I, Robot*, Batman and Robin*, Mars Attacks*, Eraser,  Species*,  Outbreak*,  True Lies*, Drop Zone*,  Multiplicity*, The Specialist,  The Scout*,  Last Action Hero*, Cliffhanger*, Alien 3*,  Batman Returns*,  Ghost,  Die Hard,  Hunt For Red October, Solar Crisis*,  Big Top Pee Wee*,  Earth Star Voyager*,  Vibes*,  Leonard VI*,  Date with an Angel